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                                              INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE PRODUCTS

HOW TO USE SHEA BODY CREAM: The cream needs to be applied three times a day, seven days a week for maximum results after you take a bath or shower daily. The Shea, Cocoa Butter Cream is excellent for dry damaged skin. Follow these instructions and you will see results in weeks to months depending on your skin type. If you have any medical skin conditions consult with your Doctor prior to use.

HOW TO USE HAIR OIL:  Wash Hair, Blow Dry Hair & Braid Hair Down. Apply Serum to the roots of the hair between the braids or if the hair is not braided apply serum on the roots of the hair three times a day, seven days a week. Keep hair braided or wrapped, and wash hair every two weeks. While you are utilizing this product don't apply heat, if you would like Maximum Results, and your hair to be thicker, healthier, and longer faster. Before bed wrap hair with a silk scarf or wear a silk muffin cap to hold in the hairs moisture. Follow these instructions daily and you may see results within four weeks to months depending on your hair and scalp condition. If you have any medical hair or scalp issues consult with your Doctor prior to use.